2014 Summary

Than chao tat-ca ACE,

Our 2015 fall camp was completed two weeks ago and Halloween has just passed. We are now in November and working to close another exciting and fun-filled year of our LD.

We started out with a dry winter as California continued to experience the lingering drought. Interesting, however, was the CCDN in the wet weekend after one delay.

The spring camp was fun too. It was at Caspers Wilderness Park which is close to the ocean as we wanted. Many new members experienced the taste of our LD camping for the first time. The temperature was moderate throughout the camp, day and night. We hope to come back in the future to explore other areas of the huge park.

The May Hiking at Peters Canyon Regional Park was closer to civilization (as we saw many residences nearby) but not less challenging as others. Some of the slopes were fairly tough. We took different routes and converged back to the starting point at the same time.

Then came Trai Thang Tien 10 in Houston. Our LD was reasonably represented by the 14 adventurous members. The climate was inclement but the members with their creativity and ingenuity made the best out of it and came back full of nice memories of the trip. The next TT11 will be in DC/Maryland area. Some vowed they will be there. It looked as though they figured out the formula to deal with any challenges TT camp might present.

The next LD camp was Summer Camp Josepho in the end of August. The promise of Malibu closer to the Pacific Ocean turned out to be the deep valley surrounded by high mountains with challenging ingress and egress. The only glimpse of the ocean we had was when we were leaving. On the way up we could see a quick and narrow view of the ocean. Throughout the camp we could only feel the sea breeze and hear the waves in our dreams. The time in the valley reminded some of us the story of the Dien Bien Phu battle, the strategy or lack thereof in the valley. However, everyone enjoyed the games at the camp. We now know who is the fastest gunslinger or Robin Hood in our LD.

The last LD camp of the year was Fall Camp at Lake Perris. The announcement of no electricity probably discouraged or scared some. However, there was electricity. We just needed to draw it out of the air (like Benjamin Franklin). Although the lake had much less water than it used to, and thus probably less fish to catch, our meal teams prepared plenty of food for the whole LD, as if one feast after another. We were lucky with the cool temperature on that weekend. The thick overcast in the morning really helped. Normally it would be very warm in the daytime, even in the fall. Everyone had a good time at the camp fire. After that, the kids enjoyed the stories with Truongs around the fire pit and parents shared their laughter and wished the night would never end.
That was a summary of our LD in 2014. I will list the remaining tasks for the year in a separate email.