Liên Đoàn Quang Trung – Ngọc Hồi at Huntington Beach, Ca

Liên Đoàn Quang Trung – Ngọc Hồi is multi level scout unit operating in unity to provide leaderships development and learning opportunities to Girl Scouts, Cubs Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturing Crew members.  Our non-profit organization is comprised of youths and leaders who are mostly parents in the organization.  We primarily function in Huntington Beach, California and meet every Sunday between 9:30 am and 12:00 pm at Huntington Central Park (Corner of Slater Ave. and Gothard St.)

We offer exciting outdoor programs such as camping, hiking, and overnight backpacking.
Additionally, our leadership building program consists of youth leaders working together through a patrol method with guidance and supervision of adult leaders.  We aim to teach our youths to become great citizens through serving the community and living by the Scout’s Oath and Law in their every day lives.

We offer the following scouting programs:

Girl Scout Brownie grades 2-3

Girl Scout Brownie grades 4-5

Girl Scout Cadette grades 6-8

Girl Scouts Seniors grades 9-10

Cub Scouts for ages 6-10

Boy Scouts for ages 11-17

Venturing Crew for Boys & Girls Ages 13-20


  • Liên Đoàn Trưởng: Tr. Sonny Trần
  • Trưởng Ban Phụ Huynh: Tr Emily Đỗ
  • Sói con: Tr. Trần Sonny, Tr. Hùynh Đạo, Tr. Steven
  • Chim non: Hiện thời không có đội Chim Non.
  • Thiếu nữ: Tr. Đỗ Emily, Tr. Trần Linh (Carolynn), Tr. Nguyễn Phương
  • Thiếu nam: Tr. Hà Hưng, Tr. Hùynh Đạo, Tr. Steven, Tr. Tùng Nguyễn, Tr. Thoại Nguyễn, Tr. Mẩn Phạm
  • Thanh đoàn: Hiện thời không có Thanh Đoàn.

Scout oath & law in Vietnamese: (Luật Hướng đạo Việt Nam hiện tại ở hải ngoại)

Hướng Ðạo Sinh trọng danh dự.
Hướng Ðạo Sinh trung tín.
Hướng Ðạo Sinh giúp ích.
Hướng Ðạo Sinh là bạn của mọi người.
Hướng Ðạo Sinh lễ độ và hào hiệp.
Hướng Ðạo Sinh tôn trọng thiên nhiên.
Hướng Ðạo Sinh trọng kỷ luật.
Hướng Ðạo Sinh vui tươi.
Hướng Ðạo Sinh cần kiệm và liêm khiết.
Hướng Ðạo Sinh trong sạch trong tư tưởng, lời nói và việc làm.

5 thoughts on “Liên Đoàn Quang Trung – Ngọc Hồi at Huntington Beach, Ca

  1. Hello. I’d like to have my children boy (9) and girl (7) join your scout troop. Please let me know the process how and if it is possible for them to try out a few meetings to see if it’s a fit.

    Thank you very much. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    714 878 8820

  2. Hi, me (16) and my sister (15) just moved here from Troop 498 in Texas and we would like to continue being a Venture here.

    Looking forward to hear from you!

  3. Hi. I’d like to have 2 my girls 4 and 11 join your scout troop. Please let me know the process how.
    Thank you! Looking forward to hearing from you.

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